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Tekto Franco

Tekto Franco residential complex is located in Kontselidze N8, Batumi. The project is built on an area of 11,000 square meters and includes a total of 921 apartments. The construction of the project is being carried out by Tekto Group, with the highest quality energy-efficient and environmentally safe materials produced according to international standards.
In the project, the apartments are built with a green frame, which means: removed plastered walls, stretched floor, double aluminum doors and windows, communications entered into the house: electricity, water, gas. All residents of Tekto Franco will receive a smart home package as a gift.

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Tekto Franco residential complex includes 4 buildings and the space combines commercial areas, sports fields, parking, children’s entertainment center and recreational areas.

12 Storey

Tekto Franco 12-storey block

20 Storey

Tekto Franco 20-storey block

20 Storey

Tekto Franco 20-storey block

17 Storey

Tekto Franco 17-storey block