Apartments in Chakvi

Apartments in Chakvi, in an ecologically clean subtropical zone, 30 meters from the sea, in an ultra-modern and multifunctional complex.

Tekto Rakurs

The construction company “Tekto Group” in Adjara, in the ecologically clean subtropical zone, in Chakvi resort, is implementing a new project “Tecto Rakurs”, which is located 30 meters from the sea, near the botanical garden and Mtirala National Park. The name of the project comes from its unique views, as there are panoramic views of the sea from all angles of the complex.
“Tecto Rakurs” complex will be located on 12,417 sq.m., which includes premium class apartments from 29 sq.m. to 97 sq.m., equipped with a smart home system. It will be possible to move in the direction of “Tecto Rakurs” from the Batumi Yacht Club by boat, as the project also includes its own harbor. It should also be noted that the project provides for 24-hour security and concierge service.

Tekto Rakurs Complex

The apartment complex includes a 12-storey residential building, of which the construction of 7 floors has already been completed. The construction is in full compliance with European (ISO) standards.
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In addition to the panoramic views, “Tekto Rakurs” will combine the “reception” (hotel services), commercial spaces, work spaces and a restaurant on the top floor in one space. In addition, the project includes an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, sports fields and a fitness club.